Owl Pellets

Last week we had some friends over to dissect owl pellets. I'd ordered a bunch back in October, and illness and inconvenience kept us from using them until now. Ideally, we'd wander through the woods collecting our own. But we are embracing imperfection, (starting with the housekeeping, OBVIOUSLY), so a kit complete with food chain and bone identification charts was good enough for us. Also, they had been sterilized, so no barfy smell.

It went even better than I'd hoped. J's first pellet had a fantastic vole skull in it.

 I'd gotten so many so we'd be guaranteed a skull, and it turned out almost ALL of the ones we opened had skulls. Owls, of course, swallow and digest their small prey whole.

 After C went to bed, J got out his Anatomy Coloring Book to identify some of the different parts of the skull.

He used his microscope, a gift from his great-grandfather, to look at the bits of fur and the ridges of the teeth.

The two of us stayed up way past bedtime, chatting about mammalian bone structure, forest creatures, and just hanging out. He's such a lovely boy.






The PERFECT drop cloth.

On Monday, my friend Miranda wrote an entire blog post about her drop cloth. She, like me, is a bit of an overthinker, which really comes into play when raising children. Even deciding on a drop cloth, something designed to be RUINED, can grow into a big deal when overthought properly. And so, in response, I present the drop cloth it took me SIX MONTHS to settle on.

This lovely drop cloth was made in the USA, without PVC's, phthalates, or lead by just buzzin' by. When my daughter was born, I decided to at least attempt to contain the painty messes of two children. But then I started to think about it. A lot. What would the design say to her? Too girly? Too preppy? Too boring? How would it reflect our family? Would I get sick of the pattern? Would my son like it? Would the chemicals used poison her? I even researched applying lanolin on cotton myself, but realized there was no way I could keep up with that, especially doubling the amount of children in the house.

Did I mention this was about a drop cloth? Whatever silliness the process was about, I'm happy with it, the kids like it, and it's an excellent spot for crafts, painting, and rice bins to put your feet in.

What have YOU overthought lately?



This moment

And I promise a real post soon.


This Moment

Feeling better and playing together.


Gingerbread cookies!

Christmas cookies, round 1. J did most of the work. C did most of the sprinkle-eating.

In her defense, there WERE too many sprinkles on that cookie.

Last winter was all about snot and isolation. This winter is shaping up to be a lot more fun. Merry Almost Christmas!

Headless dog