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Bone collector

In the two years our backyard has been a construction zone, J has been digging around here and there, coming up with some very interesting artifacts. Our house is somewhere between 150 and 200 years old, and along with bits of broken pottery, the livestock of previous tenants have revealed themselves. Teeth, ankles, and vertebra of what we think are horses have been piling up, and today we took the bones to our vet.

Most days, our homeschooling is a lot like Pawn Stars. We find something interesting, and I may not know a lot about it, but I know someone who does. I keep a file in my head for everyone I meet. If we've talked more than once or twice, you can almost guarantee I'll be calling upon your expertise one day to help with something my kids need to know.

I worked in news for a decade before I had kids. The greatest benefit was not some great wealth of information, but learning how to get that information beyond just Googling. Everyone likes to talk about their job, even if they don't like it. I just have to find the right people and point my kids at them. The rest is cake.




"Why does there always have to be an 'outcome?'  

"When I go to see something that interests me, I don't have to do a dance afterwards or make a six-foot papier mache map and hoist it up to the ceiling.  I can decide for myself what sort of outcome, if any, I want to have for my experience.  More important, I can wait until the outcome reveals itself to me."

"This takes time, sometimes years, and it never happens if 'creative teachers' are busily pushing and prodding and motivating to make it happen."

John Holt, Instead of Education


A New road

Pardon my absence. I had an outpatient procedure Monday that has left me basically useless for a week. I'm fine, however, and have been enjoying my husband waiting on us hand and foot.

In other news, I got the results of J's bloodwork, and he has 2 mrkers for celiac, whatever that means. The parasite tests aren't done yet, but he now has to see a pediatric GI, and then get MORE blood tests, and then a gluten-free diet, and then more tests to see if the gluten-free diet made a differnence.

So, I'm really glad we switched peds, and really glad that we're going to find SOMETHING out about all this. He's been doing pretty well, removed from the dairy, egg, nuts, fish and most soy and corn for about three weeks now. But still with a little of the mess.

So that's all the news. Hopefully my brain will work soon and I'll tell you all about our adventures in unschooling. Like how J got an agricultural/ nutrition lesson last night by shucking corn with Daddy. If I took a picture, it would have been a documented "class". Yay!

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