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Last Meal

Last week, I broke my blender. I tried to make this into a smoothie.

Yeah, I know. Way too optimistic. But the worst part is I had just been placed on a strict liquid/ VERY soft food diet by my dentist. My jaw is stuck, and I can't open my mouth very wide.

I've had mild TMJ since I was 17, and it's gotten worse in the past year or so. For several months, It's been normal for me to have very limited mobility in my jaw until lunchtime. It didn't hurt, and didn't really affect my diet, as I mostly drink coffee and smoothies in the morning anyway. But now? No raw kale, no almonds, no popcorn. All my favorite foods are off the table for a bit, and it's looking like I'll need to see a specialist.

That same week, I had pulled my quad at the gym so bad I couldn't participate in class for a week. So no yummy food, no Favorite Thing, and I fell apart.

I laid around all weekend and had a pity party for myself, eating lots of pasta and dairy, which I normally avoid, and feeling lumpy. But Sunday, my sister-in-law lent me her immersion blender, I cooked up TWELVE cups of quinoa, and got back on the road to good health.

I only had to wait three more days for my new blender, a 50 year-old Waring, to arrive, but it made me realize how hard I work to keep myself in good condition. I feel like I've gotten to a good place where I'm eating things that I like, and that like me back, and taking care of my body. The few days where neither of those things were taking place were an excellent reminder of how important diet and exercise are to me. I felt HORRIBLE. I was grumpy, I felt sick the whole time, and I had zero energy. Also, KNOWING that I wasn't able to make good choices for my body was upsetting.

I'm back on track now, although still missing chewing, and grateful for the faster metabolism from frequent excercise. Those few days of carb loading didn't make the scale budge an ounce. Now I just have to fix my face!